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Letting the Inspirations Happen

Hi everyone!

Well, the first week of NaNoWriMo is winding down and I'm hitting the marks (so far!). It's been a very writer-y (Dave English) year. Looking back at last year's NaNo, I've come to realize that I have put together three novels / novelettes.

This has been the year for me to 'put it on paper'.

Not just the planning and the copious number of notebooks and Word files.

Write it! Has been my mantra. I've been preaching this at my bi-monthly Writer's Block down at the Niederkorn Library and (up to 2017) and personally, I've had varying degrees of success at that myself.

This year has been different.

The question is 'why?'.

The big thing is that I've moved from keeping my structure and research in various places, shifting to putting all research and planning down in the document that will (eventually) become my final edit. One-stop writing, as it were.

The other big thing is that I've been open to any and all things that inspire me. I've been hanging out with my family a LOT more these days, getting to watch films such as Mune, Guardian of the Moon; cooking with anyone who walks into the kitchen, plotting out desserts with my daughter, and simply enjoying the change of the seasons.

There's a lot of 'juice' in such things!



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