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Happy 2018 To All!

Book 2 of the Greenshore series is done. I've survived NaNoWriMo and pushed the book past the 50,000 word mark. My plan was to work on books 2-5, as I have that lot all plotted out.

I got lost writing the second book.

I also got a LOT of additional material for books 3-5, along with concepts started for books 6 and 7.

Gawd I love writing this series! This month is the month that I try to contact an agent. Might be next month too. And the month after that...

HOWEVER, during 2017, I have been honing my 'stacked projects' skills. With that being said, I also have a sidebar job kicking off with the new year. The bouncing among a couple of projects and keeping up the blogs has been fun so far.

Seeing that I'm nine days into it and all...

On Monday, Jan 15, I'll be at the Niederkorn Library's Writer Block from 9 am 'till 11-ish. Hope to see you there!