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Tools 'an Rulez


The past couple of weeks have been dedicated to expanding the mystical buffet line. Yep, I've been creating spells and magic items. Why? With nine Core mystical fonts, as well as a number of fringe groups, I feel the presence of a fantasy-authors demon: The Mystic Deux Ex Machina.

Got a problem that might screw up the plot? Well your wizard just reaches into the little 'ole black bag of tricks and POOF! Problem solved! See? We don't need to worry about going back and tweaking plot arcs and character development. We certainly do not have to worry about tension in the story! Just magic your way outta the problem.

Everyone does it!
James Bond has that tech-magic thing Q gave him...
Narcissa Malfoy's completely unexpected little lie (see book 7)...
A bunch 'o minor characters in the Hobbit bringing BIG change to the world at large...

As you can see, it works. Up to a point.

My goal is, as I work through books 2-5 (its an arc thing), I want to pre-build as many…
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About "Ashland"...

It dawned on me that should this book series be published, there will be certain folks who start pointing out the flaws in the facts about Ashland. Being the kind of guy who likes to stay out in front of such issues, I thought that I would set a couple of things straight...

"Ashland does not have that geography"
Yep... and nope. From the macro point of view, most of the Ashland in this series is written to the scale of our Real World.
However, there are changes in the landscape caused by a ritual cast a few centuries prior. Greenshore is located on a plot of land that has a much larger (and much less soggy) footprint than its Real World counterpart. The Old Hollow is in a lumber region lifted up out of the marshy landscape by the creation of the Omni Magna some few hundred years ago. The artist guild's mall is located on public park in town.
Many of these changes came about from the arrival of the various mystical fonts, which spurred landscape or developmental changes i…

Lent and the Wilderness

Lent. So, once upon a time there was this guy who got baptized and then spent forty days in the Wilderness being tempted by raw aspects of Evil. Now we eat fish on friday. The gang around this end are trying something new this year. We've 'drilled down' into the concepts of Lent and have come up with our own goals. Kind of like a New Years Resolution, but with a more 'follow your heart' kind of vibe. What does all of this have to do with Greenshore? Well, I suppose it works with the aspects of the book that deal with spiritualism, Good Vs Evil, and the generation(s) of older folks that populate the text. However... In the Real World, amid cold and flu bugs, Girl Scout camping / cookie issue therapy, work, and 60-degree temperature swings, the Lent issue that this author has been working on is "Entering the Wilderness". In this, I have been skulking around agents and schlepping book one of Greenshore. I should point out that I'm not accusing anyone (or anyth…

Slog or Climb?

Found this unpublished post from last November...

On the 15th day of NaNoWriMo I crossed the 28,000 word mark. That sets me roughly 3k ahead of where I need to be.Celebration time, right?Nope. I'm happy to be where I'm at word count wise. But I'm looking ahead at the rest of the passage that will take me to the 'peak' of the story. The nice, winding trail through this tales foothills are starting to break away to the more rugged stone paths and untested ground of the latter third of my tale.Oh, it's plotted and still on track, but there's a sense of struggle ahead that brings a bit of tension to this author. I've been at this place before. I know my weaknesses and my strengths. I am my own best coach in this matter of Tenacity, Faith, and Perseverance.Yah, I got 'er done. Passed the 50K mark at the end of the month. There were incomplete passages and some rambling notes, but the final chapter closed this book nicely.

Here I am, sitting two weeks into…

Happy 2018 To All!

Book 2 of the Greenshore series is done. I've survived NaNoWriMo and pushed the book past the 50,000 word mark. My plan was to work on books 2-5, as I have that lot all plotted out.

I got lost writing the second book.

I also got a LOT of additional material for books 3-5, along with concepts started for books 6 and 7.

Gawd I love writing this series! This month is the month that I try to contact an agent. Might be next month too. And the month after that...

HOWEVER, during 2017, I have been honing my 'stacked projects' skills. With that being said, I also have a sidebar job kicking off with the new year. The bouncing among a couple of projects and keeping up the blogs has been fun so far.

Seeing that I'm nine days into it and all...

On Monday, Jan 15, I'll be at the Niederkorn Library's Writer Block from 9 am 'till 11-ish. Hope to see you there!


NaNoWriMo in Full Swing...

Happy mid-November to all!

As we near the mid point of the month, I'm nearing the mid-point of my NaNo goals. It's been a steady and uphill climb, some days a slog, some days an energized run. But I've been doing a great job of sitting down to write every day.

Can't fix it if it ain't on paper.

On the subject of 'fixing', I've been speaking with other authors lately about the subject of Style. The Chicago Manual of Style has come up time and again and it looks like that's where I'm going to turn my attention to first.

I love telling stories. I love building worlds and sending characters through them. This is my RPG background shining through. However, RPG-ing entails a much more verbal interplay rather than written prose and that is where I tend to falter.

Something like a good race driver who knows little about the mechanics of the car.

Well, I've gone in. I signed up for a 30-day free trial and…

Letting the Inspirations Happen

Hi everyone!

Well, the first week of NaNoWriMo is winding down and I'm hitting the marks (so far!). It's been a very writer-y (Dave English) year. Looking back at last year's NaNo, I've come to realize that I have put together three novels / novelettes.

This has been the year for me to 'put it on paper'.

Not just the planning and the copious number of notebooks and Word files.

Write it! Has been my mantra. I've been preaching this at my bi-monthly Writer's Block down at the Niederkorn Library and (up to 2017) and personally, I've had varying degrees of success at that myself.

This year has been different.

The question is 'why?'.

The big thing is that I've moved from keeping my structure and research in various places, shifting to putting all research and planning down in the document that will (eventually) become my final edit. One-stop writing, as it were.

The other big thing is that I've been open to any and all things that inspire…