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NaNoWriMo in Full Swing...

Happy mid-November to all!

As we near the mid point of the month, I'm nearing the mid-point of my NaNo goals. It's been a steady and uphill climb, some days a slog, some days an energized run. But I've been doing a great job of sitting down to write every day.

Can't fix it if it ain't on paper.

On the subject of 'fixing', I've been speaking with other authors lately about the subject of Style. The Chicago Manual of Style has come up time and again and it looks like that's where I'm going to turn my attention to first.

I love telling stories. I love building worlds and sending characters through them. This is my RPG background shining through. However, RPG-ing entails a much more verbal interplay rather than written prose and that is where I tend to falter.

Something like a good race driver who knows little about the mechanics of the car.

Well, I've gone in. I signed up for a 30-day free trial and…
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Letting the Inspirations Happen

Hi everyone!

Well, the first week of NaNoWriMo is winding down and I'm hitting the marks (so far!). It's been a very writer-y (Dave English) year. Looking back at last year's NaNo, I've come to realize that I have put together three novels / novelettes.

This has been the year for me to 'put it on paper'.

Not just the planning and the copious number of notebooks and Word files.

Write it! Has been my mantra. I've been preaching this at my bi-monthly Writer's Block down at the Niederkorn Library and (up to 2017) and personally, I've had varying degrees of success at that myself.

This year has been different.

The question is 'why?'.

The big thing is that I've moved from keeping my structure and research in various places, shifting to putting all research and planning down in the document that will (eventually) become my final edit. One-stop writing, as it were.

The other big thing is that I've been open to any and all things that inspire…



Gaming and trick-or-treat night with friends and family...

Stranger Things...

Must keep free time to focus on NaNo prep...

Focus... Write... Focus...

...then the cats wake me up at 2 a.m. and I binge out at Netflix.

Mischief Managed.


Book 1, Chapter 1...

Greenshore Series Book 1: The Old Hollow Introduction John Barmin lives in the city of Ashland, Wisconsin. He works at the Greenshore Senior Living Center as the live-in maintenance man. The Greenshore Senior Living Center is the place where wizards go to die.
Chapter 1: The Offer May along southeastern Wisconsin's shoreline is a time when Spring gives way to Summer. The nights are cool, the days warm and everything is green again. Much like the cover brought on by heavy December snows, the new greenery brings a false sense of renewal. In May, the flora covers over most of the open lots and cracker box yards throughout Ulao Village. The vegetation makes shadows of the refuse, dampen the sounds of the nearby highway and trap the flying waste in its ever-entwining snares.However, there were certain buildings resistant to this green veneer. Sagging Sal’s Pub was one such property. This establishment brooded beneath the steadily intensifying pre-dawn light and presided in what most locals co…

Get out into the middle of it all!

Something that all published authors go back to is (in some form): "Write What You Know, Know What You Write."

I'm writing about a janitor at a retirement village. I work (in real life) as a maintenance guy AND the assistant to the center's director at a senior community center. In many ways, I live among the characters in my books. I get to be a party to the loss, joy, triumphs and failures of both the membership, clubs, and leadership of the place. Being a member of the city staff (our center is part of the cities infrastructure), I also get to stop by City Hall and the other service centers from time to time for various things on the monthly to-do list. In short, there is a lot of day-to-day human interest stuff / dramatic events going on and VERY human reactions / adjustments to it all!

Faces, personalities, interactions. All of it has a very humanistic side to it and is very much alive.


Then comes the supernatural side of this book series. In this, I…


What a week.

I've been involved in an author's seminar, 68 member luncheon, and musical presentation at the senior center (real life).

I've plotted the demise of more than ten characters in the various (future books) of the Greenshore series.

I've released sturgeons to the wild waters of Lake Michigan in the morning, then cooled off with Ghostbusters and Storm Troopers at our Curious Kids science museum sci fi day (again, real life).

I've detailed mystical traditions, magic items, and supernatural critters for Ashland and the surrounding region.

It's time for month-end financials and the October newsletter mailings for our membership of 500+ (real life).

Aaaaand I'm starting to do the chapter-by-chapter breakdown and detailing for books 3 and 4 (and possibly 5, just to round out Act I of this series).

Bring on the coffee.


NaNoWriMo 2017... Working the Numbers

Hello all!

National Novel Writers Month is coming up in November and this is the time of the year where I like to start plotting out my goals for that month!

First off, although we are given a full month to complete our 50K word project, reality has proven (time and again) that this author really has about 25 days to make it happen. That works out to a clean 2,000 words a day to hit the goal.

(I aim for the 2,200 to plan for the burn-out / sickness / to-do-list days)

Secondly, This year is going to be different from other years. NaNoWriMo is a time for me to play around in new arenas. I try different genres, or new story arcs. This year I'm sticking to the Greenshore world. It's been too much fun plotting and writing out the first five books of the series and that is where my brain naturally goes to.

Third, in writing the Greenshore books, I've got Book 1 down to beta reader edits and Book 2 at a VERY rough draft of 27,000 words. My plan for NaNoWriMo is to hammer out Book…